PROSJEKT GULV Nyheter / Connor Sports: offisiell gulvleverandør til EuroBasket 2015

Connor Sports: offisiell gulvleverandør til EuroBasket 2015

 Connor Sports’ ble igjen valgt (av FIBA) til offisiell gulvleverandør til EuroBasket 2015.

"The organisers have set the highest standards for this year's EuroBasket, incorporating the latest innovations and taking the competition in a number of exciting new directions. The players on the court will feel the special performance and safety features built into the portable Connor Quick Lock™ courts," forklarer Connor Sport Court International Vice-President Andrew Gettig.

"One of the attractive things from the last Basketball World Championships was the perfect aesthetic of the surface," sier Kamil Novak, Director of FIBA ​​Europe "It seems important to find this quality again for our European event that is EuroBasket 2015".

4 land, 5 byer, 5 eksklusive design!

For første gang blir EuroBasket avholdt i 4 forskjellige land som ga mulighet til å lage 5 forskjellige design.
Pierre Lienhard, Director of Gerflor Sports Flooring uttaler seg slik: "very proud that Connor floors will supply “EuroBasket 2015” and that all players will enjoy a premium surface, customised for each of the arenas."

Se denne interessante videoen om gulvet :